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Date: Fri Jul 26 2002 - 15:40:18 EDT

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    Some of us cant be bothered to refute the Mesopotamian flood. I find it
    unconvincing. The whole of Gen 1 -11 is too vague to make a case for any
    position. It is not histroy as we normally consider history but there is
    some history behind it and written in a certain way. Read some commentaries
    on it.

    I read GF in 1971.

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    > I continue to study YEC/day-age (and even gap!) issues.
    > Apparently the flood is a REALLY BIG deal to YECs.
    > We already know that it is biblically false.
    > We already know that it is scientifically impossible.
    > Has anyone actually read the Genesis Flood? It seems like
    > a pretty big book. What is actually in it? Has anyone put
    > together a "top ten pieces of baloney" list?
    > A little extra time on my hands now that no one on the list
    > dares refute the Mesopotamian flood :-),
    > Jim Eisele
    > Genesis in Question

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