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Date: Fri Jul 26 2002 - 20:53:28 EDT

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    Hi Glenn, you wrote:

    >Dick, I liked your story, doesn't apply, though.

    Or, "I won't apply that to myself" in Mortonspeak.

    >If you understood the fossil record you would understand that a gap of 3
    >million years is nothing when it comes to the time between fossilization
    >events for rare species.

    I understand it well enough to know that you think you understand it
    well enough that you think you can make those kinds of statements,
    and we won't understand it. For a creature that has only been on
    earth 6 million years (hominids), it is pretty irrelevant that a gap
    of 25 million years might exist between fossils of sharks which
    predated dinosaurs. How many photographs would exist of the average
    50 year-old man versus a six month-old child?

    >H. erectus was not created 2 million years ago, he
    >was on earth before then but left no or only rare fossils.

    Do you notice how you grab hold of every new anthropological finding
    that surfaces, and thus far nothing corroborates your position? No
    biblical, scientific or historical evidence supports your hypothesis,
    and yet you lob grenades at mine. When do you sit down and
    reevaluate, and change your mind? When does that happen?

    >As to when the oldest boat was, we absolutely know that the oldest boat was
    >800,000 years ago, because mankind crossed the ocean at that point.

    Okay, all you need is another 4.7 million years, or roughly 5 times
    further back in time than what you have. Is that not seen as a
    limiting factor? A boat able to float for a year with a family of
    eight and a bunch of animals and stuff to feed them - the technology
    for that over 5 million years ago? Who are you kidding?

    >Questions for you Dick. Do you still think that the very first H. erectus
    >fossil was the very first H. erectus?

    It is highly unlikely that the first representative of any new
    species born into the world was also the first to fossilize. (That
    was a trick question, wasn't it?)

    >Do you still think I hold that Australopithecus built the boat? (Hint: I

    Can I have another hint?

    >Do you still think I have the ark crawl to your landing site? (Hint: I

    Let's say it like you meant it. You don't believe the ark made it to
    the biblical landing site designated in Scripture. Then don't hassle
    those of us who try to work it out within biblical constraints. You
    refuse to consider the method of apology I advocate on the basis of a
    flaw that you admit right here exists in your own method! Is this
    not hypocrisy?

    >Do I think you will remember this next time we discuss it? (Hint: I doubt
    >it You like your caricature too much)

    Glenn, don't ask me what you think. It's tough enough just knowing
    what I think.

    Dick Fischer - The Origins Solution -
    ěThe Answer we should have known about 150 years agoî

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