Re: Infusion of the soul as a process

From: Walter Hicks (
Date: Fri Jul 26 2002 - 22:20:50 EDT

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    Hi Burgy,

    I would like to make the (scientific) claim that for almost everything
    there is no such thing as an is an instantaneous event. Everything
    requires some time period to bring an event into being. What you have said
    is not unique to the soul and simply "begs the argument"



    JW Burgeson wrote:

    > >>Cells do not develop into human persons. Personhood is a
    > discrete category. The person either exist or not. I maintain that a
    > person comes into existence at the point of fusion.>>
    > And, as I said, that's fine. But at least recognize that the "point of
    > fusion" is still a process, and not an event, and so your position is
    > necessarily a metaphysical statement, for that "point" can never be
    > scientifically defined.
    > Burgy
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