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Date: Thu Jul 25 2002 - 11:39:51 EDT

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    Hi Glenn, you wrote:

    >Where is the documentation that you have ever re-evaluated your
    >position? What papers did you publish with a worldview you no longer accept?

    I was published in The Washington Post, August 17, 1986. The title
    of the article was: "The Bible Proves That Creationism Is Wrong." It
    was placed on the LA Times-Washington Post newswire and made
    available to over 500 newspapers all over the world, some of whom
    printed it also. At the time I had worked out that Adam entered a
    populated world (so far so good), but I postulated that the flood
    terminated all the non-Adamite populations. Dead wrong! Thanks for

    >I await this with eagerness cause I don't think it exists. If you demand
    >this of others without demanding it of yourself, it is described by a word
    >which begins with H.


    >And I notice that you ignore the fact that animals were sacrificed long
    >prior to when you wanted them to be and you claimed that only the sacrifice
    >of farm animals was evidence of spirituality
    > That view seems a bit

    I found in the Library of Congress a list of receipts and documents
    that were retrieved (stolen) from the ancient cattle market of
    Drehem. Mostly boring stuff written in Sumerian except there was one
    receipt for "unblemished cattle for sacrifice." That would be the
    earliest recorded mention of animal sacrifice to biblical standards
    predating the Bible itself.

    >>Let's say it like you meant it. You don't believe the ark made it to
    >>the biblical landing site designated in Scripture. Then don't hassle
    >>those of us who try to work it out within biblical constraints.
    >The Bible says the Mountains of Ararat. It doesn't describe a single
    >mountain. It describes a chain. The chain you are speaking of goes east
    >right down to Adana, Turkey which is where I said the Ark landed.

    What mountains can you find on the waters edge of the Mediterranean sea?

    And Noah made a pronouncement concerning Canaan, his grandson, and
    his son Shem in Genesis 9:26 for whom the Canaanites (biblical and
    historical) and Semites (historical) are named. What happened in the
    intervening 5 million years you insert between Noah and his immediate

    >If there was a catastrophe with only a handful of surviviors left the
    >technology would take a long time to replenish.

    At 5,000 years ago, survivors were everywhere. Sumerians, Egyptians,
    Persians - all survived the Adamite obliterating flood.

    >As I said, I don't think you will actually remember any of what I said next
    >time because you never have in the past.

    That's what archives are for.

    Dick Fischer - The Origins Solution -
    ěThe Answer we should have known about 150 years agoî

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