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Date: Sat Jul 27 2002 - 16:26:58 EDT

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    I posted the following list of references during a previous exchange on
    this topic on 5/21/99. I had also posted before this a list of references
    on the paleobotany and paleoenvironments of coals and associated facies (I
    did not attempt to find the earlier in the archives). Talking about coals
    in isolation from their stratigraphic and paleoenvironmental context is
    futile. We don't interpret stratigraphic sections one bed at a time, but
    as a complete integrated system through time.

    My own work involves the climatic interpretation of paleosol sequences in
    midcontinent cyclothems. The simple exitence of paleosols alone is fatal
    to any flood geology view.

    >Here is a list of some references on the environmental interpretation of
    >coals and paleosols. These complement other references I have posted
    >earlier and also includes some duplication.
    >G.J. Retallack, 1990, Soils of the Past: An Introduction to Paleopedology:
    >Boston, Unwin Hyman.
    >V.P. Wright (ed.), 1986, Paleosols: Their Recognition and Interpretation:
    >Princeton Univ. Press.
    >G.H. Mack, W.C. James, and H.C. Monger, 1993, Classification of paleosols:
    >GSA Bulletin 105: 129-136.
    >J. Renhardt and W.R Sigleo (eds.), 1988, Paleosols and Weathering Through
    >Geologic Time: Principles and Applications: GSA Special Paper 216. (This
    >volume contains an article by T.W.Gardner, E.G. Williams, and P.W. Holbrook
    >entitled "Pedogenesis of some Pennsylvanian underclays: ground-water,
    >topographic, and tectonic controls" on pages 81-101)
    >J.W. Huddle and S.H. Patterson, 1961, Origin of Pennsylvanian underclay and
    >related seat rocks: GSA Bulletin 72: 1643-1660. (This is an old paper
    >written before much research on paleosols was done.)
    >S.R. Schutter and P.H. Heckel, 1985, Missourian (early Late Pennsylvanian)
    >climate in midcontinent North America: International Journal of Coal
    >Geology 5: 111-140.
    >C.B. Cecil et al., 1985, Paleoclimate controls on Late Paleozoic
    >sedimentation and peat formation in the central Appalachian Basin (USA):
    >International Journal of Coal Geology 5: 195-230. (Among other things, this
    >paper discusses paleosols associated with Appalachian Basin coals.)
    >C.B. Cecil and C.E. Eble, 1992, Paleoclimate controls on Carboniferous
    >sedimentation and cyclic stratigraphy in the Appalachian Basin: US
    >Geological Survey Open File Report 92-546. (This field guide discusses the
    >lateral and vertical variability of coals and their associated paleosols.)
    >C.B. Cecil, et al., 1995, Allogenic and autogenic controls on sedimentation
    >in the central Sumatra basin as an analogue for Pennsylvanian coal-bearing
    >strata in the Appalachian basin: GSA Special Paper 286. (This paper
    >relates features of Appalachian coals to modern peat forming environments.)
    >S.K. Tandon and M.R. Gibling, 1994, Calcrete and coal in Late Carboniferous
    >cyclothems of Nova Scotia, Canada: Climate and sea level changes linked:
    >Geology 22: 755-758.
    >W.R. DiMichele and T.L. Phillips, 1996, Clades, ecological amplitudes, and
    >ecomorphs: phylogenetic effects and persistence of primitive plant
    >communities in the Pennsylvanian-age tropical wetlands: Palaeogeography
    >Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology 127: 83-105.
    >Joeckel, R.M., 1995, Tectonic and paleoclimatic significance of a prominent
    >upper Pennsylvanian (Virgilian/Stephanian) weathering profile, Iowa and
    >Nebraska, USA: Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology 118:
    >Joeckel, R.M., 1999, Paleosol in Galesburg Formation (Kansas City Group,
    >Upper Pennsylvanian), northern Midcontinent, USA: Evidence for climate
    >change and mechanisms of marine transgression: Journal of Sedimentary
    >Research 69: 720-737.

    Keith B. Miller
    Department of Geology
    Kansas State University
    Manhattan, KS 66506

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