Re: The Flood Hoax

From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Sat Jul 27 2002 - 16:57:42 EDT

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    Hi George,

    Um, I hardly pretend to know more about the Bible than you :-)
    I may have a "fighting chance" with Gen 1-11, though.

    Really, I have few quibbles with your position. It is well
    thought out, and logical.

    So, I hesitantly make this suggestion.

    Why not see Gen 6:2 as a reference to Gen 1:27 & 5:1?
    Scientifically, we know "humans" pre-existed Adam. I don't know
    if you believe Adam was a real human. If not, I guess there's not
    much room for discussion.

    But don't think too hard, you may "turn into a Baptist" :-)

    Jim Eisele
    Genesis in Question

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