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Date: Sun Jul 28 2002 - 11:41:31 EDT

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    I seem to remember you doing something like this before.

    You appear to be missing the point of what I am attempting to bring
    forward. I believe the following to be significant; but what do you



    bivalve wrote:

    > Consider the number 5565184. It may seem like an ordinary 7 digit
    > number, but in fact it is composed of several numbers of great
    > Biblical significance
    > 5565184=4*4*4*4*(3*3*7*7*7*7+12*12-7*7)
    > Obviously anyone dialing 5565184 will obtain infallible wisdom,
    > unless they just get my answering machine.
    > Seriously, this illustrates the fact that numbers connect with each
    > other, and enough work will find something interesting about any
    > number. As a result, I do not find the presence of numerical
    > patterns adding anything to my belief in the inspiration and
    > authority of the Bible.
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