Re: Coal and YEC models

From: James Mahaffy (
Date: Mon Jul 29 2002 - 12:12:55 EDT

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    Glenn Morton wrote:
    > The floating mat theory has another observational problem. All the coal in
    > the world is on the continental platforms. That is not to say none is under
    > the oceans because continental platforms extend a bit beneath the oceans.
    > There is no coal in the deep deep water >600' water depth. If the
    > vegetational mats were floating around on the waters of the global flood,
    > why on earth does NONE of the material drop in the ocean basins. What
    > mechanisms restrict coal to the continents? This has absolutely no answer
    > within the Austin paradigm advocated by Bill.


    If I remember right that criticism can not be used for paleozoic coals
    since NO PALEOZOIC sediments are preserved in deep ocean basins. Unless
    the explanation changed the assumption is that as ocean floor spreads it
    goes under the continental shelfs and this process has removed all the
    older sediments from the ocean.

    I don't know how old sediments there are in the ocean but Glenn's point
    is valid for recent coals but it won't work for Carboniferous coals.

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