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From: Vernon Jenkins (
Date: Mon Jul 29 2002 - 18:37:18 EDT

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    I'd like to apologise for my somewhat hasty and ungracious initial response to
    your posting.

    I regret not having read the report more carefully - thus erroneously assuming
    that 'deep prolonged flooding' included complete submersion.



    Victorian Wife wrote:

    > Hi Vernon,
    > I think your tree data below may be a bit skewed. Deep flooding probably
    > means that the tree's bottom half was flooded with water but not that the
    > ENTIRE tree (the crown) was under water for that period of time. There is a
    > big difference in these two things. If a tree was submerged to several feet
    > or more above its top, I doubt that it could survive very long at all.
    > First, it would not be able to photosynthesize much like you would not be
    > able to breath, thus, death. Second, if it was that submerged and taking
    > into account probable currents under the water the whole thing would
    > probably be uprooted, thus, death.
    > I quote the following from your below reported web site:
    > "Tree injury increases in proportion to the percent of crown covered by
    > water. Species that can survive standing in several feet of water for months
    > may die in less than one month when their foliage is completely covered. Few
    > species can tolerate more than one month of complete submersion during the
    > growing season"
    > We should all be careful not to take information out of context for our
    > arguments.
    > Marque
    > >
    > >You may be interested to know the result of my internet search on the
    > >topic "trees
    > >tolerance to flooding". Here is an extract from Table 1 of
    > > It deals with
    > >the
    > >relative tolerance of trees and shrubs to flooding during the growing
    > >season, Lower
    > >Mississippi Valley and Missouri River Divisions. (source: Whitlow and
    > >Harris 1979):
    > >
    > >Fraximus pennsylvanica (a variety of ash) - very tolerant: able to
    > >survive deep,
    > >prolonged flooding for more than 1 year.
    > >
    > >We further read at http:/ that
    > >the olive tree
    > >is a member of a plant family that includes the ash...
    > >
    > >A little simple arithmetic reveals that Noah's second sending out of the
    > >dove
    > >occurred some 271 days after the rains began. Clearly, therefore, we
    > >have no problem
    > >with the olive leaf!
    > >
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