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    Not off-topic at all--I'd like to see more discussion along these lines.
    Here are a few references:

    Creation Regained by Albert Wolters (fairly recent and only about 100 pages)

    Calvinism by Abraham Kuyper (his 1910? Stone Lectures)

    All Truth Is God's Truth by Arthur Holmes

    Check out the 12-2001 issue of PSCF (on-line at

    I have a brief discussion at in
    the section called "The Scientist's Mandate"

    The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind by Mark Noll


    >My pastor is going to be preaching on portions of early Genesis. He
    >seems to be after our duty to be creative in carrying out the 'dominion'
    >directive. That is, he is disturbed by current Christianity's
    >dereliction of its duty in the arts and sciences and the abandonment of
    >these fields to the world. That God pronounced the world He created as
    >'good' but we seem to have pronounced it 'bad'. It's probaly somewhat
    >off-topic, but can anyone recommend some references that touch on this?
    >May I also ask who is going to the Pepperdine meeting? It would be nice
    >to see who may be there. I might be, I live close enough. Can anyone
    >tell me how wheelchair accessible the facilities are?
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