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    A few problems complicate the search for Christian
    accomplisment in any field. Often public notice is affected
    as much if not more by showmanship than by the quality of
    work, whereas a proper humility will neither deny nor flaunt
    ability. This puts the Christian at a disadvantage, though it
    does not give valid grounds for envious suggestions about
    the reason for another's acclaim.

    Another problem is the possibility of unbiblical standards in
    a field. If "good" art is defined as inherently avant-garde
    and shocking, for example, then advocates of that attitude
    will probably find little Christian work to suit their definition.
    This is not to say that Christian art should not disturb us,
    but that seeking to give offense is wrong, and that
    excellence in an established movement is not inherently
    inferior to starting something new.

    Finally, there is the issue of detecting Christian roles in
    creative activity. A good Christian scientist or artist will
    differ more from a heathen good scientist or artist in his life
    than in his work. Much popular effort at making art or
    science "Christian" takes the opposite approach, trying to
    make the work look different. Sticking a Biblical motif into a
    painting does not make it Christian any more than a fish
    sticker on a bumper ensures a humble driving style.
    Conversely, a picture with no obvious Biblical motif or a
    scientific paper with no reference to God may represent
    excellent work by a Christian.

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