More on Christianity and Art

From: Shuan Rose (
Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 14:54:22 EDT

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      Apropos of the intersection of science, art, & Christianity, here is a link
    to a Christian who does fractal art. He proclaims the good news on the site
    too, by way of an unobstrusive link on the lower right hand corner of the
    home page. Here is art by someone who is also clear about his faith, and who
    does art without a specifically Christian theme.The science part is his use
    of modern technolgy (computers) to produce art. Conservatives may say that
    this is not art, and he has a short essay on that too.Maybe computer mavens
    like Terry may want to venture an opinion on whether fractals are really art
    ( I know what I like, but quite a few have told me that what I like is not

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