RE: [asa] Teaching ID and teaching that Gobal Warming is not real

From: Alexanian, Moorad <>
Date: Thu Jan 03 2008 - 11:04:36 EST

I am not sure about any anti-GW theories. However, I am freezing in North Carolina and some of my colleagues in Florida are as well. Does experimental data count for anti-GW?


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        On 1/2/08, Randy Isaac < > wrote:

                Independent of the topic, the controversies that should be taught in a science class are those that are ongoing in the scientific literature. In active research fields where one or more theories are still competing for acceptance by those working in that field, then the controversy should be taught. When "evidences" in any field have not been vetted through the peer-review process and published in the technical literature, then it can be mentioned as such in order to help put those controveries in perspective. But in that case, it should not be "taught" as science. ~

        I agree. The question is -- are there anti-GW theories still in contention? ~ Burgy

@ Not among the dupes and the cynical opportunists who use them. For instance:

"...NASA has carried out an interesting manouever that has the effect of evading the federal Data Quality Act, OMB Guidelines and NASA's own stated policies.

NASA says that it "employs the world's largest concentration of climate scientists". It has plenty of opportunity to use product from those scientists that has been produced in accordance with NASA quality procedures and subject to the Data Quality Act. Instead of doing so, NASA's webpage on global warming relies on non-peer reviewed material, including material produced by one of its own employees as a "private citizen" at a "personal" website where his contributions have not been subject to mandatory NASA quality control procedures. ..."

Peer Review Policy and NASA Policies:

~ Janice

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