Re: [asa] Teaching ID and teaching that Gobal Warming is not real

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We also need to note that GW deniers include Calvin Beisner who has weird
ideas of the curse, yet is listened to by the Acton Inst , SBC and gave a
hairy deposition to the senate last year.
See the various depositions on

: Here's what he wrote!

. On July 25, 2006, the ISA responded with An Open Letter to the Signers of
"Climate Change: An Evangelical Call to Action"...and Others Concerned About
Global Warming, signed by more than 130 scholars, theologians, scientists,
economists, and other leaders, including James A. Borland, D. A. Carson,
Guillermo Gonzalez, Wayne Grudem, James Kennedy, Michael Oard, Joseph A.
Pipa, Robert L. Reymond, and Jay W. Richards.

Thank goodness Cizik and Ball are countering this kind of nonsense.


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> My impression is that the political link and the anti-authority
> attitude to science are the main links. However, I wonder if there
> are some theological links as well.
> It's possible that a belief that God frequently intervenes
> miraculously in the course of evolution could go with a belief that
> God is likely to intervene and prevent human-caused environmental
> changes from having much effect. I have encountered the two ideas
> separately, however, and do not recall seeing a specific claim that
> global warming is not a concern because God will fix it, though I've
> seen the basic claim made for other environmental issues. Similarly,
> the idea that we need not worry about the environment because the
> second coming is definitely just around the corner seems to have the
> greatest appeal in a dispensationalist context, and the idea of God
> working in disparate ways in creation is a somewhat dispensationalist
> view of providence.
> I do recall a YEC paper, I think by Vardiman, that included a comment
> to the effect that we didn't need to worry much about climate change
> under the particular YEC scenario because it rejected most of the data
> on past climate variation (because the fluctuations are compressed
> into a span of no more than a few years). This conclusion does not
> follow-under the YEC scenario we have less information about past
> climate variation, but that only makes predictions less certain; it
> does not necessarily produce greater optimism.
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