[asa] ID and Common Sense

From: Jack Haas <haas.john@comcast.net>
Date: Sat Jan 05 2008 - 10:54:52 EST


The following article has an interesting twist on our favorite topic.
Jack Haas


  Why Scientists Shouldn't Be Surprised by the Popularity of Intelligent

    Perspectives from Psychology

The main obstacle standing in the way of the public's acceptance of
evolutionary theory is not a dearth of common sense. Instead, it is the
public's erroneous belief that common sense is a reliable guide to
evaluating the natural world.



The growing popularity of intelligent design (ID) has left most
scientists baffled, even exasperated. From their perspective, the
match-up between Darwin's theory of natural selection and ID would be
laughable were it not so worrisome. It pits one theory backed by tens of
thousands of peer-reviewed articles and consistent with multiple lines
of converging genetic, physiological, and paleontological evidence
against an armchair conjecture that has flown under the radar of peer
review and has yet to generate a single confirmed scientific prediction.
If the contest were a boxing match, the referee would surely have
stopped the fight seconds after the opening bell....

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