Re: [asa] Teaching ID and teaching that Gobal Warming is not real

From: Rich Blinne <>
Date: Sat Jan 05 2008 - 12:15:22 EST

On Jan 5, 2008, at 7:25 AM, Don Winterstein wrote:

> Frankly, I think the "400 Prominent Scientists" deserve more of a
> hearing than most participants in this forum seem willing to give
> them. In particular, the "scientific consensus" doesn't appear to
> be as much of a consensus as some are claiming. Many of the
> statements contained in that referenced report (U. S. Senate
> Report:...) have at least some ring of truth to me as one who has
> been a professional Earth scientist (geophysicist) for 25 years.

Here's a quote from one of the Inhofe 400 on the biggest reason he
doesn't believe in anthropogenic climate change. His name is Chris
Allen and he is the weatherman at WBKO:

> My biggest argument against putting the primary blame on humans for
> climate change is that it completely takes God out of the picture.
> It must have slipped these people's minds that God created the
> heavens and the earth and has control over what's going on. (Dear
> Lord Jesus...did I just open a new pandora's box?) Yeah, I said it.
> Do you honestly believe God would allow humans to destroy the earth
> He created? Of course, if you don't believe in God and creationism
> then I can see why you would easily buy into the whole global
> warming fanfare. I think in many ways that's what this movement is
> ultimately out to do - rid the mere mention of God in any context.
> What these environmentalists are actually saying is "we know more
> than God - we're bigger than God - God is just a fantasy - science
> is real...He isn't...listen to US!" I have a huge problem with that.

What's this "prominent" scientist's background? From his bio:

> Once frightened by the winds, the lightning, and the dark clouds,
> Chris overcame his fears by learning why and how storms happen. He
> says he always wanted to be like the guy on TV tracking the storm.
> That dream came true in 1984. After years in radio, Chris took a job
> as the creative services director at WGRB-TV in Campbellsville,
> Kentucky. While there he designed a small set just big enough for
> one anchor and a weather map. Chris happened to be that one anchor.
> He joined WBKO in 1986 behind the scenes. In 1988, he got the break
> he was hoping for when he was named the Weekend Weather Anchor.
> Not long after, Chris was named Weather Director of the First Alert
> Storm Team and began his stint as Morning Weather Anchor and co-host
> of AM Kentucky.

Still looking for his scientific background I found this:

> For the person who read my bio and said “you have no qualifications
> and no real education” I found a few misspellings in your e-mail…you
> might want to use spell check next time unless you feel that will
> keep you on your computer longer and therefore waste more energy.
> “You’re not even a meteorologist” one other person wrote. No, I am
> not…nor have I ever passed myself off as one (as stated in earlier
> posts). [RDB Note: Chris may have not passed himself off as a
> meteorologist but Sen. Inhofe has by placing him on his list.] But
> some of these people automatically dismiss my comments as invalid
> simply because I was not able to take advantage of a higher
> education. [RDB Note: this would make this "prominent" scientist
> ineligible to being a member of the ASA.] The way I see it, some
> people are too smart for their own good.

Still don't know who he is? How about this?

Yeah. Makes you REAL confident in these "prominent" scientists.

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