Re: [asa] Teaching ID and teaching that Gobal Warming is not real

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Why do you have to be so obnoxious to fellow Christians like John Houghton and those on this list?

I bet you know few scientists of the calibre of John Houghton

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    Yeah. Makes you REAL confident in these "prominent" scientists.

  @ Yeah. Speaking of having confidence in "prominent" scientists:

  The John ('Unless we announce disasters, no one will listen' ) Houghton: "human induced global warming is a weapon of mass destruction at least as dangerous as chemical, nuclear or biological weapons that kills more people than terrorism." ~ John Houghton Monday July 28, 2003

   "The evolution of the scientific debate about anthropogenic climate change illustrates both the value of skepticism and the pitfalls of partisanship.".. Scientists ... reputation for impartiality is severely compromised by the shocking lack of p olitical diversity among American academics, who suffer from the kind of group-think that develops in cloistered cultures. Until this profound and well documented intellectual homogeneity changes , scientists will be suspected of constituting a leftist-think-tank." "On the left, an argument emerged urging fellow scientists to deliberately exaggerate their findings so as to galvanize an apathetic public...

  "Had it not been for green opposition, the United States today might derive most of its electricity from nuclear power, as does France; thus the environmentalists must accept a large measure of responsibility for today's most critical environmental problem." ~ K Emmanuel - MIT

   "I don't believe God is going to condemn a person who is ignorant of the scientific facts and simply chooses to believe a ...assertion ...... However, lying about what science actually "proves" is not something a Christian should do. If one is going to claim a scientifically verifiable explanation (or even invoke an unproved hypothesis), then there needs to be a forthright acknowledgement of the scientific evidence or lack thereof. .." ~ Jon Tandy Thu, 11 Oct 2007 09:30:19 RE: [asa] Denver RATE Conference (Thousands...Not Billions)_Part 6 & The End

  "The scientists who are convinced that global warming is a serious problem....need to distance themselves from the environmental movement, who have turned conservatives off with their socialist, pantheistic and oppressive government ways. If they will do that perhaps some intelligent discussion can take place, which will lead to real solutions. ~ Bill Hamilton Sat, 3 Feb 2007 17:05 (PST) Re: [asa] Why the opposition to global warming

  "One point that keeps coming up that bothers me is "The consensus view is ..." or "99% of climatologists say ..." I have tried without success to get Pim Van Muers to state what would be the consequences of doing nothing. If the problem is real, policymakers need to undersatand what would be the likely consequences of various actions. Basing actions on the precautionary principle is not wise." ~ Bill Hamilton Wed, 17 Jan 2007 6:24 PM (PST)
  Re: [asa] Global Warming, Ethics, and Social Sciences

   "..there are "scientists" in abundance who ...are not shy about arguing "junkscience," citing only favorable evidence while ignoring the contrary, thereby risking not only their own reputations, but also that of the profession we all love. The authors cite an abundance of instances, some involving scientists of nationwide stature. Frankly, I felt sick as I read this book. .. The authors show how easy it is to buffalo the media, and by extension, the public, by pseudoscientific claims made by "real" scientists whose intellectual heritage is that of nineteenth- century snake oil salesmen. To conclude this review, I will illustrate its disturbing message by telling an old, stale joke. Why do they bury scientists twelve feet down? Because, deep down, they are really good people. Oops! Not funny! That should be some other profession, not "scientists!" .... Other professions have their share of shysters. So does the scientific profession. The public just has not picked up on us yet. It is clear that far too many in our profession have lost their way. Are they a small minority? I would like to think so. Do they have a bad influence in our society? Yes. Is this a good thing? Clearly, no. .." ~ J. Bu rgeson reviewing TRUST US, WE'RE EXPERTS...

  ~ Janice ... "The climate modelers have been cheating for so long it's almost become respectable" (Richard Kerr, discussing adjustments in climate models, Science 1997)

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