[asa] Polkinghorne books, part II

From: Douglas Hayworth <haythere.doug@gmail.com>
Date: Mon Jan 07 2008 - 12:20:06 EST

I put out this query a couple weeks ago and got a very nice detailed
response from Don Nield. Does anyone else wish to recommend his/her two or
three top picks?

For Christmas I got some money for books, and I'm wanting (among other
things) to obtain and read a more complete collection of John Polkinghorne's
writings. I have _Belief in God in an Age of Science_ (thank you, Ted Davis,
for the recommendation a couple years ago), but I'm confused by the large
number of offerings of classic, new and reissued titles. I'd appreciate
hearing from anyone who has read all of his works or at least has a good
understanding of which two or three titles comprise the most complete and
up-to-date presentation of his ideas.

I saw John Burgeson's book review of _One World_ in the latest PSCF. He
mentions the following triad of classic/new edition books:
1) One World (1986, 2007)
2) Science and Creation (1988, 2006)
3) Science and Providence (1989, 2005)

At the meeting in Edinburgh I saw many other titles that intrigued my such
as _The God of Hope and the End of the World_. I'm just not sure how all
these books are related. I suspect that many of the them are largely
redundant. Which of the newer ones really have something new or
substantially better developed than the earlier ones?

Thanks in advance for the advice.

Doug Hayworth

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