Re: [asa] N.T. Wright and evolving creation theology?

From: David Opderbeck <>
Date: Tue Jan 08 2008 - 09:52:53 EST

Douglas -- what interesting questions!

On 1), (a), definitely The Resurrection of the Son of God (
on (b) I believe the answer is Paul in Fresh Perspective (, though I haven't read that, but see also this
essay: //<>

On 2), I'm not sure, but in his "Evil and the Justice of God" ( he offers a theodicy that does not seem
compatible with an evolving creation perspective. For example, he suggests
that the changing seasons are an effect of the fall.

On Jan 8, 2008 9:30 AM, Douglas Hayworth <> wrote:

> In addition to reading some Polkinghorne, I have read and appreciated a
> little bit of N.T. Wright's materials (a couple of audio lectures and
> _Simply Christian_). I have two questions for the list:
> 1) Given the many books by Bishop Wright, which two or three would you say
> provide the most complete overview of his views on (a) Jesus and the
> resurrection and (b) the theology and message of Paul?
> 2) From reviews, etc., I am familiar with the main "issues" that surround
> Wright's "New perspective on Paul", etc. The little that I have read
> resonates with me, but I am aware of that some of the more conservative
> evangelical theologians (esp. Calvinists like John MacArthur and John Piper)
> have some significant problems with his perspective. It seems that two of
> these points of contention relate to the event or ontology of justification
> and to the openness of God. I don't want to spark a big discussion about
> theology per se, but I am interested to know your thoughts about Wright's
> views in relation to the evolving creation view (which I hold). Does Wright
> ever directly make this connection in his writing? (I've heard that he and
> Polkinghorne are like-minded in their respective areas; in the very least
> they are both strong defenders of the resurrection.) What about his theology
> and view on Paul either does or does not resonate with your evolving
> creation view? (I know some on this list are more openness theology and
> others are more Calvinistic in their evolving creation view, so I expect
> there might be some difference of opinion on Wright.)
> I am very interested in your thoughts!
> Doug Hayworth

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