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Call for Papers
Physical Sciences

National Faculty Leadership Conference
"The Heart of the University"
June 27-29, 2008
Crystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington, VA www.nflc.us <http://www.intre.org/event/info.php?s=43>

Program Committee:

Dr. Robert Kaita, Princeton University
Dr. Anand Gnandesikan, Princeton University.
David Richardson, Faculty Commons

Our vision: We strive toward the day when Christian scholars engage every academic discipline so that Christian perspectives are heard and respected in the heart of the academy.

The Question: What will it take to accomplish this?

We invite you to submit an abstract in response to this question related to the physical sciences. Particular consideration will be given to papers that compare/contrast a Christian worldview with a naturalistic view in the physical sciences. Papers may be either philosophical or practical and may also include the Christian history of science.

General questions include:

1. What is a Christian view of the scientific method?
2. What does it mean to make Jesus Christ the principal investigator of your research group?
3. Does a Christian worldview result in distinctly different outcomes from philosophical and/or methodological naturalism in physical science research?
4. What does it mean to be a Christian and a scientist besides being a nicer, more ethical person?
5. What is Christ's heart for the physical sciences?
6. Is there a curricularly relevant way of teaching a Christian perspective of the physical sciences in a state university?
7. Is science generally a Christian or naturalistic endeavor?
8. How do we equip Christians in the physical sciences to engage their discipline from a distinctly Christian perspective?

While contributions addressing other issues can be submitted, papers addressing these questions are preferred.

Papers selected for an oral presentation will be 20 minutes long, followed by 10 minutes of discussion. There will also be a poster session for additional papers.

Titles with abstracts of 300-400 words should be emailed as a MS Word document attachment to NFLCpapers@facultycommons.org by February 25, 2008. Please include a cover page in the Word document indicating a) your name, b) position, c) institutional affiliation, d) mailing address, e) email address, f) daytime telephone number, g) format preference-paper or poster presentation (although the program committee will make the final determination), and h) the academic track (Physical Sciences) for which you are making your submission.

Contributors will be notified of acceptance by April 1, 2008. Oral presentations will be made on Saturday, June 28 during the academic seminar time.

Special Book Announcement:
To order a copy (at 20% off retail) of the newly released book The Two Tasks of the Christian Scholar: Redeeming the Soul, Redeeming the Mind, edited by Faculty Commons staff Paul M. Gould and Dr. William Lane Craig (Crossway, 2007), see our resource center at http://clmstore.stores.yahoo.net/

This book includes lectures given at the 2006 NFLC conference by Habib Malik, Peter Kreeft, Walter Bradley, and Bob Kaita as well as original essays from Paul Gould, William Lane Craig, and John North. In addition, Charles Malik's "The Two Tasks" dedicatory address given at the Billy Graham Center in 1980 is included.

Conference web site: www.nflc.us <http://www.intre.org/event/info.php?s=43>

Sponsored by
Faculty Commons
(the new name for Christian Leadership Ministries)
The faculty ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ


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