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Hi Gordon,

Thanks for making these points. However, as Christians shouldn't we
understand that those who recorded these details were motivated by the Holy
Spirit - not by human whim. Hence the numbers 153, 276 and 666 must hold an
important lesson for those who are attentive to such precise biblical

Interestingly, there are further pointers to the fact that these triangular
numbers _belong together_. Thus, in respect of 153 and 276, the theme _none
were lost_ underlies both 'catch' and 'rescue'; in respect of 153 and 666,
the associated event was _witnessed by one standing on the seashore_
(Jn.21:4, Rv.13:1); and, involving the three, _all emerged from the sea_.

One further point of interest should not be overlooked: the ultimate result
of progressively summing the cubes of the digits of any multiple of 3 is
153! Both 276 and 666 are such multiples. We therefore have

    276 > (8+343+216=567) > (125+216+343=684) > (216+512+64=792) >
*(343+729+8=1080) > (1+512=513) > (125+1+27=153) > 153

    666 > (216+216+216=648) > (216+64+512=792) > * (continuation as for 276)

by contrast, 616 yields the sequence

    616 > (216+1+216=433) > (64+27+27=118) > (1+1+512=514) > (125+1+64=190)
> (1+729=730) > (343+27=370) > 370

Gordon, I trust you and others will find these observations interesting -
even significant.



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> Some triangular numbers that occur in the text of the New Testament in
> addition to 666 are 120, 153, 276, and 300. Most of the other numbers are
> either small or round. The occurrence of the numbers 153 (John 21:11) and
> 276 (Acts 27:37) seem especially interesting because they are so precise
> in situations where one might have expected merely rough estimates.
> Perhaps some early Christians were wont to take note of triangular
> numbers.
> On Wed, 9 Jan 2008, Rich Blinne wrote:
>>> The difference in numbers has also been explained by the fact that the
>>> Greek and Latin spellings of Nero's name transliterate differently into
>>> Hebrew (the language used to create the coded numerology). The Greek
>>> spelling, "Neron Caesar," transliterates into Hebrew as "nrwn qsr,"
>>> which
>>> equates numerically to 666 (Hebrew letters double as numbers for both
>>> practical and theological purposes; see entries at Hebrew numerals and
>>> gematria). By contrast, the Latin title for Nero is spelled simply "Nero
>>> Caesar," which transliterates to "nrw qsr," or 616.
> This interpretation has the advantage of explaining the occurrence of both
> variants (666 and 616). There are some things about it, however, that I
> have questions about that maybe someone on this list can answer. Nero died
> in 68. Revelation is believed to have been written later than that. Also
> it seems that with Revelation being written in Greek, it would not be
> expected that the answer to the puzzle would be from the Hebrew. I also
> wonder whether it was common to transliterate the Latin C and the Greek
> kappa into Hebrew as qoph (q) rather than kaph (k).
> Gordon Brown (ASA member)
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