Re: [asa] A case of non-biological ID

From: Vernon Jenkins <>
Date: Wed Jan 16 2008 - 17:26:53 EST


The heart of my ' biblical ' case for 666 rather than 616 rests on the copy of the book that John was requested to write (1:19) and send to each of the 7 churches in Asia - including that at Smyrna (2:8), where Polycarp was well-placed to become acquainted with its contents.

How else is one to read these scriptural and historical details, if not literally?


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  Vernon wrote: " those of us who take Book of Revelation seriously ..."

  Most of us take that book seriously. But that does not say we take it literally. There IS a difference.

  You claim the high ground by asserting you take it seriously, as if the world is divided into those who take it seriously and those who ignore it. Such is not the case.


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