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Interesting... The evangelical church needs a lot more of these type
organizations. This is an encouraging development.
It appears to be a group of Asians as well which is also interesting. We did
a science camp last year because we were invited to do so by an Asian Indian
Baptist church here. All the Indian kids were interested and anxious to
learn. The few Anglo kids that came couldn't be bothered and thought it was
all nerdy.
Here is an abstract of an interesting upcoming event...
Theological Anthropology - Humanity as the imago Dei
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Are human beings (homo sapiens sapiens) unique? We are today. Why did the
Cro-Magnons survive while the Neanderthals became extinct? Our symbolic
species, able to pass on vital information over time, possess insight, and
contemplate our future, has become the supreme global predator, able to
destroy life as we know it. The doctrine of creation describes us as made in
the image of God (imago Dei). What makes us, us? This rests neither in our
capacities nor physiology, but in our relationality with God, through our
moral minds. It is our biological brains that gave rise to our moral minds.
But what drives our drives? In our universal quest for security and
significance, our minds lead us to achieve heights of greatness and also
inflict unimaginable evil. What then is the origin, the current state and
the future of the imago Dei, the image of God? We shall consider the
doctrine of man in relation to community, international economics, labor
relations, the dignity of the person, issues concerning medical ethics,
animal rights etc.

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