[asa] Jesus "tomb"

From: Christine Smith <christine_mb_smith@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Jan 17 2008 - 12:26:27 EST

Hi all,

Thought you'd want to see the latest Times article on
the Jesus "tomb".


Most disturbing to me:
"Charlesworth, who is also a Methodist minister, says
that the possible discovery of Christ's tomb will
illicit mixed reactions among Christians. Most, he
believes, will view it positively. The faith of some
believers, he says, will be buoyed by historical proof
that Christ, the son of Joseph and Mary, did exist. "I
don't think it will undermine belief in the
resurrection, only that Jesus rose as a spiritual
body, not in the flesh."

Did he miss St. Paul saying that our faith is in vain
and we of all people are most to be pitied if Christ
did not rise in the flesh?? And this person is a
minister?? I don't know about everybody else, but I
will not be among those who "view it
positively"...that of course would assume I accepted
the claim, which of course I don't....

In Christ (the physically risen One!)

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