Re: [asa] A graduate student speaks out

From: George Cooper <>
Date: Fri Jan 18 2008 - 11:59:30 EST

[Jim wrote:]You know, I just have to speak up here. I just don't know that it is fair to characterize self-deception as a form of dishonesty. One's internal compass may rest easy in a context of a well-integrated inner self (worldview; belief system), or, it may be at rest in a context of competing/conflicting/inconsistent ideas (more often the case, if my own experience is any indication). The fact that one might believe a particular position to be "right" has mostly to do with the net positioning of that inner compass, and unless there is deliberate conscious misleading going on, we are guided by the concepts or integrations that serve us best; make the most sense (at the moment at least) to us.

It is more a matter of degree, rather than kind, IMO. If only one compass is aboard the ship, then it is hard to criticize. But if there are 5,000 other compasses onboard, and the vast majority are pointing in one certain direction, it is only reasonable to begin to apply reasoning to these directions. Since knowledge is freely available to explain the compass directions, is it not fair to suggest some degree of self-deception exists for those who do not engage in the study of objective evidence.

I agree with David for I have not forgotten the time I went into a Ken Hamm video class in my Church to hear one of his opening statements that if we do not accept the 6 days of 24 hours, then it will be the "collapse of Chritianity". That undermines God's plan even if his premise were correct.

George Cooper

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