Re: [asa] A case of non-biological ID

From: j burg <>
Date: Fri Jan 18 2008 - 12:14:57 EST

Vernon wrote: "Yes, the depredations of Bultmann, Tillich and others are
well-known to informed bible believers. We all have a pretty good idea what
the terms _demythologizing_ and _deliteralization_ mean; but they are not
for us."
"depredations?" I wonder if you have seriously studied these writings. In
any case, the words "depredations" and "informed bible believers" in the
above is simply a case of using persuasive adjectives to claim an assumed
"high ground." Politicians are particulary good at this tactic.

Vernaon also wrote: "To take such liberties with the Judeo-Christian
Scriptures is, in my view, madness; and, considering its clearly stated
provenance and dire warnings, Revelation must be the one Book that it is
least sensible to tamper with."

The use of "liberties" and "tamper with" are likewise examples of persuasive
adjectivism. Hey -- I may have coined a new word there!

Vernon also wrote: "However, clearly, that is a matter for you and your

No -- it is a matter of my mind. Here I stand -- I can do nothing else. I
understand that you are on a crusade to argue literalism for many parts of
scripture that most scholars have long decided otherwise. But your arguments
appear to have more in common with astrology than reason.

Have you considered getting a real life?


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