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Born a Jew became a Roman Catholic, beyond that I know little. Many have
found his work very valuable.

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I am updating an annotated bibliography that deals with science and
Christianity. I shared the bibliography with the Christian geologists and
biologists but not with the ASA list [I did not want the url to be
publically archived]. In any case, someone was nice enough to suggest I
should add Michael Planyi to the list. I have not read him but I seem to
think he is important. In any case, can someone help with my annotation
(given below).

I am interested in knowing if this is a book that college science majors
should be aware of and what was the major contribution of Plany. Was he a
Christian? Just a few sentences would help. I would like to hand out the
updated bibliography Monday morning so a quick response from someone would
be appreciated.

I will cc this to the Christian biology list.

    Michael Polanyi 1967 (1983 reprint) The Tacit Dimension. Doubley.* I
gather that Polanyi made some very important contributions on how science
works. This is one of the better books to get a feel for his thought. JFM

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