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Polanyi makes a very valuable contribution to epistemology and scientific
method in The Tacit Dimension and Personal Knowledge. He is very good on
the limits of science as a way of knowing and on the role of science in a
free society. Many critical realists in faith-science dialogues (e.g.,
McGrath) as well as others writing about Christian epistemology (e.g.,
Newbiggin, Wright) have drawn on Polanyi. Some of his critiques also
influenced some aspects of ID thinking.

On Jan 20, 2008 4:48 PM, Michael Roberts <>

> Born a Jew became a Roman Catholic, beyond that I know little. Many have
> found his work very valuable.
> Michael
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> Folks,
> I am updating an annotated bibliography that deals with science and
> Christianity. I shared the bibliography with the Christian geologists and
> biologists but not with the ASA list [I did not want the url to be
> publically archived]. In any case, someone was nice enough to suggest I
> should add Michael Planyi to the list. I have not read him but I seem to
> think he is important. In any case, can someone help with my annotation
> (given below).
> I am interested in knowing if this is a book that college science majors
> should be aware of and what was the major contribution of Plany. Was he a
> Christian? Just a few sentences would help. I would like to hand out the
> updated bibliography Monday morning so a quick response from someone would
> be appreciated.
> I will cc this to the Christian biology list.
> Michael Polanyi 1967 (1983 reprint) The Tacit Dimension. Doubley.* I
> gather that Polanyi made some very important contributions on how science
> works. This is one of the better books to get a feel for his thought. JFM
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