[asa] EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed

From: Jon Tandy <tandyland@earthlink.net>
Date: Tue Jan 22 2008 - 09:38:26 EST

Have any of you seen anything about this yet? (movie trailer for EXPELLED:
No Intelligence Allowed)
Unfortunately it seems to me it will be another of those popular expressions
of anti-establishment rhetoric that will in the end be more hurtful than
helpful to the cause of rational Christianity. For instance, perpetuating
the warfare model of Darwin vs. Christianity, when Darwin himself allowed
for the Creator to be part of the evolutionary history of species; or
promoting the view that Christian scientists are being universally
persecuted in science, when what is often happening is their religious
(non-scientific, or anti-scientific) positions are what's being rejected by
science and scientists.
Even worse, the movie is produced by Premise, but it seems that several of
the scientists interviewed for it were interviewed on a "false premise", not
knowing what was the intent of the film. This can't be good for the image
of Christianity, if it really was a tactic used to quote-mine for the film.
Jon Tandy

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