Re: [asa] Chicago Tribune on TE (and the "Evangelical Statement on Evolution")

From: D. F. Siemens, Jr. <>
Date: Tue Jan 29 2008 - 18:35:56 EST

As usual, Gregory, you are foolishly assuming that a term has only one
meaning, the one you've glommed onto. Yes, organic evolution, whether in
an atheistic, panentheistic, deistic or theistic view, is a process. But
only panentheism fits the notion of process theology, Ted's reference.
Have you never encountered the notion that the meaning of terms is partly
determined by the context in which they appear?
Dave (ASA)

On Tue, 29 Jan 2008 17:09:24 -0500 (EST) Gregory Arago
<> writes:
Though I appreciate the article and Ted's willingness to accomdate,
satisfaction with the defence of TE is still lacking. Please, can you or
anyone else explain to me how a person can accept the notion of
'non-process evolution'? This seems to me a blatant contradiction in
terms! Evolution by definition simply must proceed. (Though dis-invoke
A.N. Whitehead at your leisure.)

We hear so often the concept duo 'evolutionary process' that one might be
convinced they would be in a political or ideological counter-movement to
deny them appearing together.

It would be helpful not to confate TE (theistic evolution-ism) with PT
(process theology), but for goodness sake, let's not pretend they're
un-related! Everybody in the TE camp can in reality be safely considered
as a 'process' person, can't they? If not, why not?

'Evolution' - the greatest concept ever constructed for the historicist
doctrine (Popper et al.).

Change is not necessarily evolutionary but all evolution involves change.
Just the same as with process...or isn't it?

Gregory A.

p.s. the word 'design' is not anywhere in the above message
p.p.s. it is possible that I may have mis-copied the referenced article,
but the word 'process' appears only 3 times! Where are you drawing your
conclusions from?

Ted Davis <> wrote:
"there are some evangelical, non-process, approaches to evolution...But
process (inaccurately) is what TE mainly is. That's simply wrong."

'Please excuse the editing for clarity & effect...' - G.A.

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